Collector of Steyr and Austrian Weapons and Militaria
Amateur Historian of the Holy Roman Empire

Specifically I collect the Steyr-Hahn Model 1911/1912 pistol. I also have a type collection of Steyr and Austrian manufactured Curio&Relic military firearms of all types (pre-1945) and several antique (pre-1898) examples. I have a US federal C&R BATF license.

I am retired now and no longer adding to my collection. I am however building a database on information related to these weapons. I would appreciate information that you could contribute. Or corresponding about these models.

By Randy Rick

Photo of Steyr Waffenfabrique

The photo images are in the process of being upgraded to color!

List of Steyr Manufactured Rifles

Steyr Manufactured Pistols Other Austrian & Related Small Arms

List of Reference Sources