By Randy Rick

The Austrian Steyr-Mannlicher Pistol M1905

The Austrian Steyr-Mannlicher Pocket Pistol M1901

Ten shot stripper clip for M1905 Pistol

The following is a quote from an Argentine collector. "This semiauto pistol, one of the first military pistols, was purchased by Argentina to replace the old reglamentary Colt .38 Long in 1905. BTW, the first country with semiauto pistols as reglamentary was Switzerland, the second Argentina, and later the German Navy with the Parabellum. The Mannlicher 1900 model was evaluated by the US Army, but the militars didn't purchase it, based in the low stopping power of the 7.63 cartridge. Argentina purchased about 6000, model 1905, of the total production of 10000. The 7.63 mm Mannlicher was known here as 7.65 mm or 7.65x21. It was the official handgun for no more than 10 years, and then the militars switched to the excellent Colt (M1911)"

Most of the M1905 Argentinian Mannlichers which were sold into surplus, had the Argentine crest ground off the right side.

The earliest M1900 Mannlicher pistols were made at Deutsche Rheinmetal. These pistols had the frame side plate fastened with a screw instead of the spring clip as in later variations. These early pistols are frequently heavily engraved and may feature gold inlay and presentation grips.

I have seen several Steyr manufactured M1905's which were stamped with the inscription of a French importer/reseller.

There are numerous Spanish and S. American copies of the M1905.

Many Austrian officers carried a M1905 as a personally purchased sidearm. However, I have never seen an Austrian Army proofed M1905.

Sir Winston Churchill, in his memoirs, wrote about shooting a Mannlicher pistol at his estate.

Additional Images Mannlicher M1905 Pistol

Left side commercial Mannlicher

Left Side Commercial Mann. Closeup.

Right Side Commercial Mann. Closeup.

Frame side plate & slide removed.

Argentinian Right Side (ground off crest)

Argentinian, left Side.

Arg. left side. closeup.

Argentine Holster.

Argentine FM 7.65 ammunition box.

Six variations of M1900/01/05