By Randy Rick

The Austrian Roth-Steyr Pistol M1907

The M1907 was the military model of the similar 1905 commercial pistol (rare) by Roth. This is the first auto pistol put into service by a major military power.

The pistol was made at both Steyr and at (about 30%) Budapest. The pistols will be marked either FEGYVERGYAR BUDAPEST or STEYR along the top of the barrel.

Typically they will be marked Wn--year to indicate the year of military acceptance.

There are some variations in the earliest M1907's made at Steyr to include lack of the cartridge eject button.

About 50,000 pistols total were made. They were carried in small numbers during WWII, probably by Austrians in the Wehrmacht.

Ammunition for the 8mm Steyr pistol is manufactured by Fiocchi and can be found if you look hard enough. See my Links web page for suggestions. has some Aug-2004

The specs on the Fiocchi boxer primed ammo are: 113gr jacketed bullet at 1,080fps for 290ft-lbs.