By Randy Rick

The Austrian Steyr-Pieper Pistol M1908(.32) & M1909(.25)

The Austrian Steyr-Pieper Pistol M1908/34 (.32acp)

The M1908/34 pistols are M1908 pistols which have had a heavier duty rear slide fitted to the gun. You will note the rubber recoil buffer at the rear of the M1908/34 slide. The origonal M1908 design apparently did not hold up to heavy use by the Austrian police. Most of the M1908/34 are engraved with a police proof on the rear grip strap, S.W.nnn. I have seen several books describe that these pistols were manufactured in 1934 in conjunction with the Swiss firm Solothurn. I believe that is incorrect. All observed M1908/34 pistols bear earlier proof marks on the barrel or frame from the M1908 pistol's origonal acceptance.

The Austrian Steyr-Pieper Pistol (other notes)

There are a few pistols stamped with Solothurn, but that appears to be a business arrangement to get around the arms limitation treaty ending WWI, not a manufacturing arrangement. Steyr automobile company also gave away pistols with autos sold in Germany for a brief period, and those pistols are stamped "Steyr - Berlin". There are pistols with barrels which extend beyond the normal length. They were for sale in countries (Czech) which had minimum length laws.

A M1908 is the pistol used to assassinate Austrian premier Dolfuss by Austrian Nazis.

Austrian Landwehr proofs LW-nn are frequently seen on M1908's.

Occasionally these pistols are seen with nazi proofs.

These pistols may be found in factory presentation sets

Steyr bought the patent rights to manufacture these pistols from Pieper, a Belgian arms designer and manufacturer. Similar, but not interchangeable, pistols were made in Belgium.

Left side of M1909 Steyr (.25acp)

Right side of M1909 Steyr

The Austrian Steyr-Pieper Pistol M1908 & M1909

  Notes on the M1909 pistol.
Left (side) barrel Pat.No9379-05 U.No25026-06. 
Right (side) Pat.eng.No16715-08.+No40335.
Normally the date of proof is on the barrel, just above the 
serial number on the frame. Example: 09 for 1909.

Serial numbers for all observed M1909 have ended in "A".

 Oesterr = Oesterreich = Austria
 Waffenfabrik = gunmanufacturer
 GES = Gesellschaft = Incorporated


Two Variations of M1908 Steyr Holster (open)

Two Variations of M1908 Steyr Holster (closed)

Holster for M1909 Steyr

The above 3 images of a M1909 dated 1914 in holster from Joe R. collection.