By Randy Rick

BNZ & WaA623 Radom VIS35 Pistol

Nazi Era Radom

The RADOM weapons factory was occupied by nazi Germany in Sept 1939. Engineers and management from Steyr were assigned to manage continued production in Poland.

After the Polish Radom plant was put back into production pistols were sent to Steyr for barrel assembly, proofing and distribution. Acceptance marks used by Steyr were Eagle/623 and Eagle/WaA623.

Closeup of left slide legend with WaA77 on left and Eagle/623 on right.

In 1944 the Russian army had advanced to Poland, the Polish underground had become very active against the German occupation. At this time (exact date unknown) the Radom factory was abandoned by the nazis, however all machinery, and all the unassembled parts were shipped back to the Steyr factory in Austria.

The BNZ code (as used on Steyr made Mauser rifles) was used only for a short period (less than 1000 units) until the machinery used for slide legand was in place (in Austria). The standard slide loge was then used up to end of the war.

I am NOT an expert on Radom pistols, but have found this variation interesting because of the Steyr connection.

Al Hoffmeyer (rip) was a long time friend and Radom collector who regularly wrote about the Radom VIS35 pistols for NAPCA.

BNZ Radom

Closeup of BNZ stamp on slide of Radom Pistol.

BNZ Radom furnished by NAPCA member J. James.