By Randy Rick

VULCAN 25acp Pistol

This rather ordinary, hammerless, solidly built, 25 acp/6.35mm pistol had the misfortune of being manufactured in Austria just as WWII began.

Open U channel running along all of the top of the slide from front to rear of the pistol for a sight.

On left of slide, line 1: FR. PFANNL Ser. KREMS a/d. DON.

On left of slide, line 2: AUTOMATIC - PISTOL - VULCAN

Gun observed had the normal Austrian NPv over double-headed-eagle and a proof stamp from 1940 at the rear on the left side of the slide. The hard black rubber grips are held with a single screw and marked VULCAN at the top. Serial number on the right side above and to the rear of the trigger.

Yes. I know that a 1940 NPv proof is impossible???

Since posting this I've received several email from other collectors telling me I was crazy. However, I subsequently heard back from one of them who said that he has found another identical pistol in a museum collection in Germany. Also, the gun I observed was sold after the owner passed away. I had tried to buy it from him when I saw it, but was unable to obtain it for my collection. I do not know who purchased my friend's Vulcan from his estate.