By Randy Rick

Greek Mannlicher Model 1903 & M1903/14

Top: Greek M1903 Rifle
Bottom: Greek M1903/14 Carbine

Typical split bridge Mannlicher receiver with the rotary Schoenaur magazine. Bolt handle will be stright on an unaltered weapon. Action is virtually identical to the commercial Mannlicher-Schoenaur hunting rifles. Frequently customized to make it look like a commercial specimen.

Greek cross on receiver.

These were the only large contracts of military Mannlicher-Schoenaurs. That is probably due to the fact that the magazine is rather slow to reload.However, the magazine is extremely reliable in feeding cartridges.

There was also a variation of the M1903/14 carbine stamped with the name of the Italian gunmaker "Breda". There is some conjecture as to whether or not the Breda guns were actually made by Steyr and carry the Breda name as a way of getting around the Treaty of Versailles restrictions on arms making.

In caliber 6.5 Mannlicher-Schoenauer (rimless). Sometimes called 6.5 Greek.The same cartridge as used in the M1900/1903 Mannlicher-Schoenauer hunting rifles. A very accurate cartridge.