By Randy Rick

The Bulgarian M95 Mannlicher Stutzen

Manuf by Steyr/Budapest for Bulgaria

The Bulgarian M.95 Stutzens are identical to the AustroHungarian M.95 Stutzens with the exception of a Bulgarian crest (Lion inside a shield) on the receiver (instead of Steyr or Budapest). The left receiver wall is stamped with either "STEYR 190n" or "BUDAPEST 190n" indicating city of manufacture and year. These stutzen appear to have their own serial number block which does not include an alphabetic suffix.

May be converted to M95M in 8x57JS caliber, and loaded with a mauser stripper clip, rather than using the Mannlicher enbloc clip. These are likely Yugoslavian captured weapons.

Normal Austrian Army proofed M95's with the usual Wn-eagle-year proof and without the Bulgarian crest have been seen with the Bulgarian pine-cone stock cartouche (courtesy of Empire Arms).