By Randy Rick

The German K98 Mauser

Manuf by Steyr for the Third Reich

The 660 and BNZ code Mausers were made by the Steyr factory under the Nazi control of Austria. Steyr factory stocks are known for their beautiful wood laminate.

"660" code Steyr made K98's
1939 and 1940

"bnz" code Steyr made K98's


WaffenAmt 623 on Steyr weapons.



1944 type 1

1944 type 2

Shield with "bnz" over "1" on left of barrel of most bnz K98's.

This is a WWI Mauser converted to K98 format by Steyr and stamped BNZ. It has the stock cutout for a scopemount. Russion capture. Photo courtesy of EmpireArms.

Please Note

I am NOT a Mauser collector, and am not able to answer questions about all the Mauser variations. I collect Steyr made weapons.....