By Randy Rick

The Portuguese Mannlichers

Manuf by Steyr for Portugal

Above, 1896 Portugeuse Navy Short Rifle.

There are 3 variations of Portuguese Mannlichers 1896 Navy Short Rifle, 1896 Cavalry Carbine, and 1898 Artillery Carbine. Two variations of .22rf/6mmFlobert conversions in 1946 and 1948. Also M1900 Mannlicher Schoenaurs.

1896 Portuguese Navy Short Rifle. Still stamped with Romanian Phoenix on right receiver flat (curiousity that had made me suppose that these rifles were actully shipped to Romania). Portuguese Crown over supperposed C & I. Grasping grooves in forestock, 23inch barrel, bayonet lug on right of front barrel band, slings swivel under first barrel band and mid-way on stock. Marked on left receiver rail: "STEYR 189n" These are the guns that were sold thru Hunter's Lodge.

Some later information leads me to believe the following statement is correct concerning additional Portuguese carbines: there were two contracts: 1st in 1896 for 4000 carbines for cavalry and a 2nd in 1898 for 4500 for artillery. There seem to be very minor diferences. Pictures of 1930 dated ammo box with 5rd clips, label 6,5m/96 by FABRICA DE CHELAS were given (not mine, so I can't re-post them). Portuguese Mannlicher discussion

And the converions to .22 rimfire (6mm flobert) were done as M1946 and M1948.

And. The Portuguese were experimenting with Mannlicher Schoenauer rifles made at Steyr. 1,000 were bought in 1901 according to John Walter. Another source alludes to 400 trial MS1900s. Mostly converted to .22rf/6mmFlobert.