By Randy Rick

The Roumanian Mannlicher M1893

Manuf by Steyr for Romania

Above, 1896 Portugeuse Navy Short Rifle.

There are 3 variations of the Roumanian Mannlicher for Romania

1) 1892 Rifle. 28.5inch barrel, no grasping grooves in forestock, no stacking rod, ejector on the bolt.

2) 1893 Rifle. Grasping grooves in forestock, 28.5inch barrel, stacking rod on left of upper barrel band, extractor on receiver, and lower part of magazine well with reinforcment. Sling swivels on bottom of first barrel band & mid-way along stock.

3)1893 Carbine. 18inch barrel, no stacking rod, sling swivel on left of stock & front barrel band, turned down bolt. On top of receiver is Romanian Crown over Md.93. On left receiver rail is stamped "STEYR 189n".

See the my web page for Portuguese Romainian type Mannlichers for the guns made for Portugal (which were still proofed with the Romanian Phoenix).