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I retired as of June, 2007. Currently I am not buying any new Steyr weapons for my collection until my finances become clearer. I'm leaving the want list up for historical purposes and in case I am able to resume buying in the near future. Thanks.

Want List

I specifically collect Steyr  (OEWG) manufactured or Austrian used/proofed

I am specifically looking for unusual Steyr-Hahn pistols and:

Roumanian Peabody-Martini (many are Boer proofed).
Norwegian Krag (Norweigen or Boer)
1871/74 Mauser
French Gras Rifle by Steyr
11mm Kropatschek (rifle or carbine, French or Austrian)
Werndl carbines & pistol
Roumanian Mannlichers (need rifle both M1892 & M1893)
1885 Mannlicher Straight pull rifles 
1886-1890 Mannlicher carbines
OEWG GEW88 carbine 
1895 Mannlicher straight pull marked BRNO
M1902/1907 Mexican Mauser
M1899/07 & M1908 Serbian Mauser
M1912 Mausers for Colombia, Mexico, & China
M1929 Steyr-Solothurn Mauser for Colombia

Gasser Revolvers (other than M1898 8mm 8-shot)
Austrian Adams-type percussion revolver
Innsbruck Colt Navy copy
Steyr Revolver
Schoenberger automatic pistol
Erika miniature
Kolibri miniature
BNZ proofed Polish Radom (VIS35)
Hungarian Frommers, M1900/1901/1910 
Frommer .380acp Baby Stop pistol
Frommer Lilliput .25acp
Other Pistols by Krnka, or Roth
1920/30's pistols by Pfannal am Krems
Austrian military WWI proofed Luger (Wn-eagle-yy)
Austrian proofed Sauer pistols (Military/Commercial)
Any non-Austrian pistols with Austrian proof marks, typically NPv and/or
    serial proofed nnnn.YY

Shoulder Stock for a Steyr-Hahn
Flare Pistols by Steyr (OEWG) or with Wn-eagle-yy proof.

These are the guns that I intend to add to my collection over time and
funds available.

Thanks for your help in enhancing my collection.