Super Ellen, May 7, 2014

Imperial Guard, White Queen, Wm T Drysdale, May 2012

Ellen Bosanquet
Ellen Bosanquet with two umbels of flowers. 2011

RandyR's Crinum Page

I planted a large number of crinum bulbs in 2011. Some of the bulbs were jumbos and flowered the first year. About 1/3 of the bulbs were large and expected to bloom in 2012. About half were medium or small and probably won't bloom until 2013 or some later.

I have also obtained a number of crinum seed from several sources, and am in the process of growing these in pots.

  1. Ellen Bosanquet

    I have about 20 EllenBs planted and 7 small offsets in pots. Three of them bloomed for me in 2011, including one that put up two scapes at once.

    Powellii (C. moorei x C. bulbispermum)

  2. Cecil Houdyshel Powellii

    I have 8 CecilH planted with some offsets. And 2 offsets growing in pots.

    I had high hopes for the Cecil Houdyshels based on Jenks(LL) recommendation that these are the most prolific bloomers of all crinum. The first 2 jumbos planted early in 2011 from LL have their 3rd scape up in May/June 2012, and 2 other jumbos planted in the fall of 2011 have their 1st scape up.

  3. Lovely Lady, Cecil Houdyshell X Bundrandt's light pink Powellii seedling. Pale pink large flowers. Reblooms and sets seed, multiplies. (MS)
  4. Powellii Alba -NW
  5. Powellii white - Powellii Phantom (6 large and 9 small)
  6. Eagle Rock (powellii 1-NW,1-TP)
  7. Pink powellii (3 Bulbs Direct, 3 Hirts)
    Gowenii Hoboken
    Gowenii Hoboken. 2011
  8. Princess Elizabeth Powellii
  9. Imperial Guard (2 NW similar to C.H.but taller)
  10. Powellii (w 3 pups. color unspecified) (LL)
  11. Powellii Rubra (3 Eden's blooms) a very dark pink variety
  12. Old Maid
  13. Hannibal's Dwarf (4 large and 10 small) NW
  14. JC Harvey (3 large and 9 small potted)
  15. Southern Snowball
  16. Rose Parade
  17. Mrs Jame Hendry (1-NW, 2-PD)
  18. Pink Mystery
  19. Eliz Traub
  20. Carolina Beauty
  21. Summer Maiden (3 from NW)

    Gowenii(C, bulbispermum x C. zeylanicum)

  22. Gowenii Hoboken
    I have 2 Gowenii Hoboken jumbo bulbs from BulbsNMore, one of which bloomed for me in July 2011. Based on where BulbsNMore obtained the origonal, I presume Hoboken refers to the small town of Hoboken, Georgia.
  23. Gowenii Bob Stover
  24. Gowenii Roger Croker Memorial
  25. Gowenii Regina's Disco Lounge (Jenks/LushLife)
    Scabrum. 2011

    macowanii (species bulb also called pajama lily or Sabie crinum)

  26. Macowanii white (TP bulb grown from seed obtained from SA)
  27. African King (NW Macowanii #01)
  28. African Queen (NW Macowanii)
  29. M&W Scrabum
    obtained 5 of these unnamed scabrum off ebay. One bloomed for me in 2011.
  30. White Prince (5-NW, C. Yemense x C. moorei)


  31. Bulbispermum (Jenks/LushLife)
    White Pawn
    Bulbispermum White Pawn 1st bloom Apr 29, 2012
  32. Chesstime (NW bulbispermum #11)
  33. Chessboard (NW bulbispermum #09)
  34. White Knight (5-NW bulbispermum #08)
  35. Wide Open White (NW bulbispermum #03)
  36. Roseum (NW bulbispermum #05) potted
  37. White Oak (NW bulbispermum #02)
  38. White Pawn (NW bulbispermum #06a album)
  39. Sundance (2 NW Crinum scabrum x Crinum loddigesianum )
  40. Eboraci Pecan Tree Inn
  41. Eboraci Twelve Apostles (3 from NW)


    C. scabrum x C. americanum) (also known as Nassau Lily or Submersum)

  42. Digweedii Royal White (ebay about 6 various sizes)
  43. Digweedii Aron White (NW digweedii #10, clump CS)
  44. Digweedii Stars and Stripes (NW type 02 by Thad Howard)
  45. digweedii Connor White (NW)
    Bulbispermum Chessboard day 2 blooms May 4, 2012
  46. Catherine
  47. Ollene
  48. Pendunculatum
  49. Sangria (1-NW, 2-tejas_tropicals)
  50. Super Ellen (2-PD, 1-NW, 7-TP) (hybridizer, Tom Perry, back cross of C. bulbispermum (pollen) to C. �Ellen Bosanquet�(seed). Sister seedling to Sunbonnet. Also 1 small and 1 medium and 1 large SE potted.
    I have a swath of 8 Super Ellens planted accros the middle of my driveway flowerbed.
  51. Alamo Village
  52. Ligulatum
  53. Mccoyi offset (bonus may not have survived)
  54. Bulbispermum x Macowani seedling (bonus)
  55. Campanulatum species
  56. Fimbriatulium X Scabrum offset
  57. Peachblow
  58. Improved Peachblow (2-PD)
  59. Appleblossom
    Imperial Guard
    Imperial Guard blooms May 20, 2012
  60. Kitty Clint
  61. John's Bid (2 potted from CS) C.paludosum x (C.luteolum x C.americanum). Lehmiller hybrid
  62. Macowanii x Scabrum (rose city school - Marcelle from NW)
  63. Emma Jones (1-NW, 1-PD)
  64. Fourth of July
  65. Lorraine Clark (Yucca Do)
  66. Summer Nocturne (Yucca Do)
  67. Parfait (Yucca Do)
  68. White Queen (1-Yucca Do, 1-McMahon's, tissue cultured) powellii 'Alba' x macowanii

    Herbertii (C. scabrum x C. bulbispermum)

  69. Herbertii
  70. M&W Herbertii Rena/OLG (7 jumbo bulbs. heavy repeat bloomers, offsets)
    18.5 inch herbertii OLG
    18.5 inch herbertii OLG, 3lbs 14oz (2ea planted Mar 2012)
  71. Herbertii (4 offsets from ebay, 3 in ground, 1 potted. From the pictures these appear to be the same as Herbertii OLG/Rena. Sept 2012)
  72. Cecils Choice M&W
  73. Schreck (herbertii) (MS)
  74. Bayou Belle
  75. procereum Red leaf #23 NW
  76. White Fluff + ( IBS BX #2012-36 3 Small bulbs potted July 2012)

    moorei (inc Schmidtii)

  77. moorei pale pink (12 Telos, 2 PD)
  78. moorei 'Variegata' (2 white striped leaves potted ) aka 'Moore Stripes'
  79. Crinum Schmidtii (2 TP was known as C. Moorei var. Schmidtii)
  80. amoeneum (not hardy zone 7) potted (bonus bulb Edens)
  81. Jagus rattrayi - like clone. 12 of them -mistake- I ordered white moorei. 4 are in the ground and not growing well. Of the other 8, several are growing well and 3 have bloomed. Nice white blooms,but not the shade moorei hardy in zone 7 I was wanting.
  82. Cape Dawn L.S.Hannibal hybrid burkanii F-2 X red bulbispermum (6 TP inc 2 potted)
  83. Sunbonnet (3-TP, 1-NW) C. bulbispermum rosea (pollen) to C. �Ellen Bosanquet� (seed)
  84. Carnival (1-TP, 1-MS) (Crinum bulbispermum x Crinum 'Thaddeus Howard' (Crinum scabrum x Crinum bulbispermum)) ie: a herbertii backcross.
  85. Hardyi x bulbispermum 2010-seedling (TP)
  86. White Queen ( Luther Burbank original clone thru HK)
  87. Burbankii ( Luther Burbank original clone thru HK)
  88. Improved White Queen WmTDrysdale ( Herbert Kelly Jr. )
  89. Mardi Gras ( Thad Howard original clone thru HK)
  90. Garden Party (orig Gordon Wayne thru HK)
  91. Jubilee(origonal Luther Bundrant thru HK)
  92. Infusion (Orig Alani Davis thru HK)
    Herbertii Rena
    Herbertii Rena 23May12
  93. Pink Perfume (orig D.Lehmiller thru HK)(americanum x moorei)
  94. Carousel ( orig H.Kelly Jr )
  95. Peppermint Candy (orig Lehmiller thru HK)
  96. Crinum Jagus Scillifolium (thru HK) (potted not hardy zone 7)
  97. Burgundy (MS)
  98. Mr. Hannibal's Abyssinicum Seedling (MS)
  99. Lady Chameleon (MS)
  100. Liberty Bells (MS)
  101. Maidens Blush (MS)
  102. Walter Flory (MS)
  103. White Mogul (Crinum moorei x abyssinicum) (MS)
  104. Hawaiian White (2-TP)

    The history of this bulb spans half the globe. It grew in Hawaii during the 1940s and 1950s and was brought to San Francisco in the early 1960s where the bulbs grew unmolested for 40+ years. The owner called them his "Hawaiian Lily" and was unaware that it was a Crinum. It is a hybrid bulb and is seed-sterile and of unknown parentage. My best guess is C. Bulbispermum Album x C. Powellii Album. The foliage structure bears a strong resemblance to Bulbispermum. It flowers multiple times in the early to mid spring and is rather slow to offset (another C. Bulbispermum habit). Quote Tom Perry.

    Pink Flamingo
    Pink Flamingo May 2012, RIP July 2012
  105. Pink Trumpet (2 NW)
  106. baconi Maurine Spinks (NW)
  107. Pink Mystery (NW) potted
  108. Moores Pond (LL)
  109. Bradley (LL)
  110. Pink Flamingo (LL) (C. bulbispermum � C. 'Pink Perfume' made by Dave Lehmiller.)

    Alas poor Pink Flamingo. The Knights of the Garden Shovel have skewered you fatally. I needed to move PF. I misjudged the depth it was planted at, and cut it in half horizontally. I'd been wanting to experiment with growing bulbs by dividing them. So it looks like PF is the bulb I'll do this experiment on. I divided the basil plate into 4 and potted them up. I also potted the upper 2/3 of the sliced bulb with the foliage; thats not supposed to live, but I'll see what happens?

  111. Fiesta (LL)
  112. Walterboro (LL)
  113. Scentsational (unk. parentage) - Lehmiller hybrid (CS) potted
  114. Panache named by Herb Kelly (CS) potted
  115. Namibian Pink (moorei x lugardiae)- Lehmiller hybrid (CS)
  116. Unknown Pat Malcolm TYTY bulb circa 1994 (maybe bulbispermum and americanum)(CS)
  117. White Emperor (PD)
  118. Claude Davis (PD) Cape Dawn seedling
  119. Mexican Pink (TP, 3 bulbs plus several offsets, plus 3 potted offsets)
  120. Crinum Album (TP)

    Crinum 'Album' is a species native to Yemen and portions of the Middle East and northeastern Africa. My stock was grown from seed obtained from Les Hannibal in 1996 and labeled as C. abyssinicum. A similar bulb from the same region is known a C.Yemense. The confusion has been settled, as far as I know, by the new name of C. Album. It does well in sandy soil and produces very large seed. Offsets nicely and winters over in Zone 8 with no problem. Quote TP.

  121. unknown pink w white throat (2 from ebayer 1quiltmaker) potted May 2012
  122. bulb crinum longifolium,ebay. Most sources have longifolium as a synonym for bulbispermum. Ebay seller swears this bulb is different. What would Sgt.Pepper say? (potted June 2012)
  123. Joshua's Jewel Lehmiller hybrid C.erubescens x C.scabrum offset from CS potted June 2012
  124. Crinum pedunculatum, PBS BX316 July 2012. Large pot. Jay Yourch
  125. Crinum bulbispermum 'Wide Open White' x C. 'Spring Joy' Jay Yourch, PBS BX316 July 2012. I presume a sister seedling of 'Joyful'.
  126. Crinum album. From AD, via Pat Malcolm who got seed from Yemen. July 2012, nice size offset potted up.
  127. Fimbriatulum, large bulb, Al Sisk, Aug 2012. May be marginal in the ground in zone 7b. I planted it deep. We'll see? Al says its a species seeder but may be made to create offsets by disturbing the bulb.
  128. WLPE white light pink edges. ebay unnamed type. spring bloomer potted Sept 2012


JES RED1xRED2 seedlings 9mon old Apr 2012
  1. Crinum CAROLO-SCHMIDTII, Namibia, July 2012, 4 seedlings
  2. seedling IBS BX # 2012 - 31`, Small 2-3 year old bulb of Crinum forbesii from Transvaal (June 2012)
  3. seedling qty 5, IBS BX # 2012 -32, Small bulblets, Assorted colors, Crinum moorei from S. Africa (June 2012)
  4. seedling moorei ebay June 2012
  5. luteolum (yellow form of c.flaccidum, Australia) a 1yr seedling obtained May 2012. potted.
  6. seed Crinum bulbispermum White Bishop NW (May 2011)
  7. seed Crinum bulbispermum Red Sunrise JES (July 2011)
  8. seed Crinum bulbispermum Red Sunset JES (July 2011)
  9. seed Crinum bulbispermum misc Chris (inc some possible xhybrids)(July 2011)
  10. seed Crinum graminicola ebay Jeff. (sept 2011)
    short pedicels, beaked fruit that turn yellowish tan at maturity, flower petals often with abundant diffuse pink coloration (quote DL)
  11. Crinum delagoense 4 seedlings from 2009 seed from ebay Dan
    Crinum forbesii/stuhlmannii/delagoense -- long pedicels, large non-beaked fruit which are red at maturity, flower petals striped (quote DL)
  12. seed Crinum variabile (Oct 2011) from ebay Dan PA-plantguy
  13. seed Crinum macowani (5 seeds ebay,Feb 1 2012)from MagnumMatrix
  14. seed crinum brisbanicum (4 seed Apr 1 2012) Steven
  15. seed crinum Bulbispermum #01 NW Chessmaster (May 2012)
  16. seed crinum Bulbispermum #02 NW White Oak aka Oak Lawn cemetary (May 2012)
  17. seed crinum Bulbispermum #03 NW Wide Open White (May 2012)
    Crinum Seed
    Crinum seedlings July 2012
  18. seed crinum Bulbispermum #05 NW Roseum (May 2012)
  19. seed crinum Bulbispermum #06A NW White Pawn pure white(May 2012)
  20. seed crinum Bulbispermum #06B NW White Pawn reddish-brown keel (May 2012)
  21. seed crinum macowanii #01 NW African King (May 2012)
  22. seed crinum macowanii #07 NW (with extra dark pink stripe) (May 2012)
  23. seed crinum white queen (Plant Delights parent) (May 2012)
  24. seed crinum lugardiae (small form Namibia) IBS SX #2012-9 (May 2012)
  25. seed crinum lugardiae (large form Transvaal) IBS SX #2012-10(May 2012)
  26. Seed of Crinum baumii, Namibia IBS SX # 2012- 14 (May 2012)
  27. Seed of Crinum modestum, Itremo Mtns Madagascar IBS SX # 2012- 19 (June 2012)
  28. Seed of Crinum buphanoides, Transvaal IBS SX # 2012-18 (June 2012)
  29. seed of crinum bulbispermum var album x C. flaccidum yellow form var A (HK non-yellow sister seedling of Triumph) (June 2012)
  30. seed of crinum bulbispermum var album x C. flaccidum yellow form var B (HK non-yellow sister seedling of Triumph) (June 2012)
  31. seed of crinum bulbispermum var album x C. flaccidum yellow form var C (HK non-yellow sister seedling of Triumph) (June 2012)
  32. seed of crinum bulbispermum var album x C. flaccidum yellow form var D (HK non-yellow sister seedling of Triumph) (June 2012)
  33. seed Crinum luteolum aka flaccidum yellow form (5 seeds) (June 2012)
  34. seed Crinum variabile, SilverHillSeeds (June 2012)
  35. Seed Crinum McCoyi, Madagascar, IBS SX # 2012-26 (June 2012)
  36. Seed of Crinum WmTDrysdale aka White Queen Improved. (RR June 2012)
  37. Seed of Crinum White Queen Origonal. (RR July 2012)
  38. Seed of Crinum species Affiliated Crinum Venosum, Australia, IBS SX # 2012-36
  39. Seed of Crinum bulbispermum 'Jumbo ' Form, IBS SX # 2012-48
  40. Seed of Crinum bulbispermum crossed with misc. CS June 2012
  41. Seed of Crinum Aurantiacum, Zambia, IBS SX # 2012-44
  42. Seed of Crinum subcernuum, Mozambique, IBS SX # 2012-41
  43. Seed of Crinum broussoneti, TCHAD, IBS SX # 2012-40
  44. Seed of Crinum Hanitrae, Madagascar, IBS SX # 2012-39
  45. Seed of Crinum Hardyi, Madagascar, IBS SX # 2012-38
  46. Seed of Crinum bulbispermum 'Jumbo ' Form, PBS BX 314 (June 2012, Jim Waddick )
  47. Seed of [Crinum lugardiae x (forbesii x macowanii)] x Peyton's Daddy [C. macowanii x (C. variabile x C. moorei)]. Two Lehmiller hybrids crossed by CS.
  48. Seed of bulbispermum crossed with misc. CS July 2012
  49. Seed of bulbispermum crossed with misc. TP July 2012
  50. Seed of flaccidum luteolum (7 seeds from Pichi Pichi Pass) July 2012
  51. Seed of Crinum album (1 large golf ball size fruit) July 2012 AD
  52. Seed of macowanii AD improved strain July 2012
  54. SEED OF CRINUM uniflorum, CAPE YORK REGION,AUSTRALIA, LG. FORM July 2012, IBS SX # 2012-54,
  57. SEED OF CRINUM oliganthum, MINICRINUM , IBS SX # 2012- 96,
  58. SEED OF CRINUM politifolium, Tanzania , IBS SX # 2012- 90,
  59. Seed of Crinum roperensis, Northern Territory, Australia, IBS SX # 2012 -73,
  60. Seed of Crinum distichum, TCHAD, IBS SX # 2012 -72,
  61. Seed of Crinum flaccidum, Murray River, IBS SX # 2012 -65,
  62. Seed Crinum macowanii pink form, S.Africa. HK Aug 2012
  63. Seed of Crinum Schmidtii (HK) Sept 2012
  64. Seed of Crinum white Mooreii (HK)Sept 2012

Crinum in pots Mar 2012 These are included above, but listed separately so I know what I have available to plant out later. -needs updating-

Two Giant Super Ellens from Tom Perry. One of these has started a scape 3 days after the above picture was taken, so I'll have a bloom to share soon.

Crinum 2014

I lost a large number of the potted seedlings and plants during the winter of 2013-14, as well a a small number of those in the ground. The winter was particularly cold and wet with recurring cold snaps into mid-April. Some replacement crinum and amaracrinum that are being potted now for later in-ground plating are:

  1. Two Giant Super Ellens and 9 small offsets (TP)
  2. Cape Dawn (TP)
  3. White Mogul (TP)
  4. Schmidtii (TP)
  5. Two offsets of Elsie's Sister from plant (from NW) gifted to a friend 2 years ago
  6. Three Amaracrinum Born Free (PD)
  7. Three Amaracrinum Pinkie (PD)
  8. Three Amaracrinum Fred Howard and 5 offsets(PD)
  9. Crinum Pink Flamingo and an offset (PD)
  10. Crinum x herbertii Schreck (PD)
  11. Five Hannibal's Dwarf (ebay)

Crinum pending

My sources of Crinum and links.