Randy.R's Hellebores

Out of my desire to find some winter blooming perennial flowers came several species for my garden. I have planted about 150 hellebores. The majority of my hellebores are single petal hybrids (orientalis). I also have a number of double petal hybrids and s number of species (wild strain) hellebores. My sources of hellebores include; Plant Delights, Sunshine Gardens, McMahons, Thyme After Thyme, Hirts, several ebay sellers, Home Depot, ACE HW, Full Bloom Nursery, Hall County spring garden expo, and Pikes Nursery.

My feverish search for an early blooming H-niger was fullfilled this year when some double petal niger clones (Lemper from Plant Delight) bloomed for me in November 2011.


The following list of hellebores may not be complete, but represents most of what I've either planted, potted, or started from seed.

Named hellebores in my garden.