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Raised Flower Bed in Front Yard April 2012

I began work on this raised bed in the winter of 2009/2010. This raised bed is approx 15'x15'.

left side Phlox July 2011         right front July 2011

There are both perennials and annuals in this raised bed.

In the Fall of 2010 I also built a small raised bed near the end of my driveway over the top of the aforementioned daffodils and planted a bed of orange ditch lilies in the woods north of my house near the road. Also that fall (2010) I planted a strip of hybrid asiatic and oriental lilies between the driveway and road. In the winter of 2010-2011 I went somewhat bonkers while studying winter blooming plants that I could obtain to brighten things up during that dreary time of the year. I discovered hellebores, Algerian winter iris (Unguicularis), witch hazel, quince, and camellia. In the spring of 2011 I discovered crinum and went somewhat overboard expanding my gardens.

Flower Beds between driveway and road

More Pictures coming

Hellebore Trail thru woods to south of house

Shaded Flower beds in woods north of house

Amaryllidaceae Family



I have three amaracrinum aka crinadonna which are c.mooreii x belladonna crosses. One in the ground and one in a pot for a year. No blooms yet. June 2012, just potted a big 4inch dia one found on ebay, it was quite dried out when received, so lets see if it comes to life? I believe these will be the common howardii pink forms, but am not sure.
Amaryllis Belladonna
Amaryllis Belladonna Sept 2011

I may have lost the potted Amarcrinum I had in the cold winter. Have replaced them with new bulbs from Plant Delights. Apr-2014

Amaracrinum Born Free and Pinkie were hybridized by my friend Herb Kelly (Pres IBS)

Amaryllis Belladonna

I planted 6 amaryllis belladona in June 2011. 3 early bloomers and 3 late bloomers (early-late seperated by 2 weeks per the source). Here is one blooming Aug 27, 2011.

And sure enough, 2 weeks later the late blooming variety put up flowers.


Brunsvigia grandiflora, 5 seeds July 2012


IBS SX # 2012-93,SEED OF calostemma lutea, Australia -pending-


Frost Tender. Prefers shade.


Randy.R's Crinum Page

I have about 100 different crinum planted in the ground, about 20 more being grown up in pots, and a couple in pots that are frost tender. Am growing about 50 pots of seed & seedlings, most are from species crinum including some very rare.



Griffinia liboniana. Spotted leave Griffinia is an evergreen bulb with beautiful spotted leaves that grow to around 6-8" tall. Sometimes it can go dormant for several months. It flowers mostly in the summer; the flower color is a glowing bluish-purple with white. Offset bulb purchased on ebay in May 2012. Supposed good indoor, shaded plant.

Griffinia espiritensis. 2 bulbs in a shared pot. July 2012. Dylan


Habranthus magnoi,6 bulbs PBS BX314 July 2012


Haemanthus carneus. from Somerset East, ZA. bulblet July 2012. Dylan


Four Red Lions in pots which are my Christmas Amaryllis.

Five (grab bag unknown) hippeastrums planted outside back door in mid summer of 2011. May not bloom until 2013.

Yellow Canna
Yellow Canna from local seed. Aug 2011


Two Hymenocallis Rocky Shoals Spider Lilly, Sea Daffodil (ebay)

Hymenocallis (Ismene), PBS BX310-9 June 2012


Proiphys cunninghamii. Four seeds planted May 2012


Scadoxus Pole-evansii (3 seeds, Silverhill, June 2012)


seed Strumaria discifera,ex Nieuwoudtville PBS BX315,July 2012


Zephyranthes Labuffarosa (4 from EB, potted June 2012)

Seed of Zephyranthes lindleyana, Mexico IBS SX # 2012- 20,June 2012

Seed Of Zephyranthes primulina, IBS SX # 2012-50, July 2012


I have Canna planted in several locations but they haven't done well except for a potted yellow traditional canna grown from seeds gathered locally. Too much shade it would appear. I've planted two canna near my white queen crinum in a new bed in May 2012 where it should get better sunlight. Lets see how that works. I may add some more canna in that area along my lower side driveway where there is good sun most of the day.

Hellebore / Helleborus

Randy.Rs Hellebore web page

Ellen Bosanquet
Winter Iris Mary Barnard Dec 2011


    Winter Iris aka Algerian Iris aka Iris Unguicularis

  1. Mary Barnard. 3 from Sequim Planted Feb 2011
  2. Walter Butt. 2 from Sequim Planted Feb 2011
  3. Marginata. 2 from Sequim Planted Feb 2011
  4. Logan Calhoun. 2 from Plants Delight
  5. Great White. 2 from Plants Delight
  6. Iris Unguicularis un-named(12 plants from Arrowhead Alpines)
  7. Feb 2012, seed from Chiltern UK. Iris unguicularis 'Violet Crescent' and Mary Barnard.

    Iris Cristata and Iris Verna

    red quince
    Red Flowering Quince March 2012
  1. Powder Blue Giant Cristata (McMahons)
  2. Tennessee White Cristata (Thyme after Thyme)
  3. Dwarf Crested Iris Cristata (Thyme after Thyme)
  4. Alba Crested Iris Cristata (Thyme after Thyme and Arrowhead Alpine)
  5. Iris Verna (Sunshine Gardens)

Flowering Quince

  1. red flowering quince
  2. white flowering quince


    Pink Giant
    Chionodoxa Pink Giant Feb 2012
  1. Pink Giant
  2. blue forbesii
  3. powder blue giant
  4. pink forbesii
  5. white forbesii


  1. Nothoscordum montevidense, seed PBS BX315,July 2012
  2. Fritillaria persica, seed PBS BX314,July 2012.needs cold stratification starting Nov for 4 months.
  3. Camassia 'Sacajewea',seed PBS BX314,July 2012. Move into garden when bulbs have grown.

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