Bob Lear Aug 12 at 7:49 PM

I went to the Central States VHF conference in Rochester Minnesota in July. A nice trip up, taking our time, crossing the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers a number of times. Very scenic and impressive drive through central Illinois with all the fantastic farmland. It was the CSVHF conference 50th anniversary and I really enjoyed it and learned a few new things too along with getting to see a lot of old friends and making some new ones. There were 125 registered. One of the highlights was a 'Rover Row' and the 'Dish bowl'. Here are some pictures of the many rovers and 5, 10 and 24 GHz dishes set up. There was even live 10 GHz EME going on first thing in the morning.

Jim Balaun, K4PZ, in Cleveland has a crank=up tower for sale. It is about 55 feet extended. It is on the ground and he's asking $250. If you have seen the towers on my Red flat-bed trailer, his is the same tower only his is in one piece and not cut into two towers like I did with mine. Jim's number is -deleted, pls contact Bob if interested- in Cleveland.

I mentioned the 'Proto Builder Bar' Makerspace in Dayton last time. This time I heard about a much more impressive set-up in Minneapolis-St. Paul that had several Bridgeport Mills and Metal Lathes available along with welders of various kinds and other shop equipment. Sure wish we had something like that around for us.