Notes from W4ZST (Bob Lear) Feb 2017

I was just looking at the North Fulton Amateur Radio League (NFARL) 
Newletter that is available for any and all to read on the internet at

I did not know that they have been posting videos of their technical 
programs at the meetings on YouTube.  If you go to the above website, 
there is a table of contents down the left side of the page and the last 
item is the link to the NFARL YouTube Channel.  The first video is of 
their January meeting presentation by Johnny Kludt K4SQC on dB's and 
EME.  Those of you who came to the second open house got to see Johnny 
operating his EME station here at my shack when he made a couple of EME 
QSO's for the group to see.  The video of his presentation is highly 

The NFARL club meetings are on the same night as our NGARC meetings but 
you can see what they have been doing for presentations without having 
to be there at the same time!  There are older ones listed there on 
their YouTube page also and I'm sure many of you will find something to 
watch in your area of interest.  NFARL is a large club and has their act 
together.  They also do a very nice Field Day set up in Roswell each 
year.  I have attended their FD several times and they borrow one or two 
of the Fourlanders tower trailers and the generator.  They score quite 
well and are usually top of their class and top in GA.

Note from Bob following the Feb 4th get together to show off the vhf/uhf contesting by the 4Landers

I want to thank all the folks from both the GARC and NGARC clubs who 
came to visit the W4ZST Shack this past Saturday, Feb 4th.  I hope all 
enjoyed it and got to see something that they were interested in.  
Thanks also to Johnny Kludt K4SQC for coming and operating his excellent 
EME (Moon Bounce) station that is set up here at the ZST QTH and 
demonstrating EME to the group.  Johnny made a couple of EME QSO's for 
the visitors to observe what and how it's done using the digital mode 
WSJT.  He worked KB8RQ Gary in Ohio and PA5Y Conrad in the Netherlands, 
both with nice signals that could be seen on the waterfall and the calls 
and exchanges shown on the WSJT decode screen.

I had a couple of the W4NH contest stations set up and on the air 
connected to panadapter displays, one using an SDR-14 and SpectraVue on 
the 222 station and another with a FunCube Dongle and SDR# on the 6m 
station.  I also had my 2m terrestrial station up and running for demo.  
We did not make any contacts on the VHF bands other than the EME Q's.  I 
did answer many questions about how the stations were connected, used 
during the contests and topics such as sequencers, power dividers and 
amplifiers.  We also had a tour of the antennas still set up here from 
the contest as the weather was very nice this time although just a 
little cool without a jacket.  Much nicer than the hard rain that we had 
a couple of weeks earlier for the open house at the beginning of the 
January VHF contest done here by the W4NH Fourlanders.

Visitors from NGARC were  K4WQS Russ, KK4QBA Al and W0JWD Randy

Visitors from GARC were WA4MPZ Murray, K8BTH Wayne, WC4X Ned, W4TWK Tom, 
W4DUI Paul, NA4AE David, KM4QHI Brad, KM4TOA Brian and N4NX Bill also 
from SEDXC.

Visitors claimed by both clubs were KK4EHJ Aaron and KK4LOJ Renee who 
had instigated and coordinated this lunch-bunch and open house.  Special 
thanks to them.

I found a couple of nice EME sites on the internet that those interested 
may want to have a look at.      A nice pdf 
by k4nk about the JT EME software and operating.  Joe Taylor K1JT is the 
author of the WSJT software that makes the digital EME possible.    This is the web site of the 2016 EME conference held 
in Italy.  It has all the papers published in the proceedings and videos 
of the presentations made at the conference.

Apparently everyone ate well at the lunch get-together at Don Pollo 
restaurant in Dahlonega before coming up as no one was interested in the 
drinks and snacks available here during the open house!  It was a good 
choice with plenty of food served on the plates to satisfy us.

Anyone with questions regarding our W4NH contest operations or about EME 
or most general ham radio topics, I am always available to answer them 
for you if I can.

Thanks again and 73, Bob