W4ZST Newsletter notes June 2018

You all know that I spend a lot of time looking for info on the internet because I'm interested in the technical side of ham radio. I recently found a gold mine of fantastic info on YouTube. Go to YouTube and search there for 'W2AEW'. He has posted over well over 200 videos on various electronics and ham radio topics. He is a practicing engineer working for Tektronix so he has some very nice test equipment available to play with. I'm so jealous as he has done things I wish I could have done to explain stuff when I was teaching electronics or even had access to the videos to use then. Very well done. I started with #170 about basics of I and Q signals as it came up when I was looking for info on that topic. One of the best explanations I've seen on the topic and learned some new stuff. I like his methods and the videos are very well done. Hundreds of topics to choose from and if you want to learn some electronics, here is an excellent place to do it. Learn the basics of oscilloscope measurements along with all kinds of other test equipment. Most highly recommended.

Just in the past couple of days, I was looking for some help with recent problems here (see the W4NH June Contest Summary) and ran across some more excellent tutorial videos on YouTube. These by G7CNF. This time I was looking for info on Virtual Audio Cables and found good info. Also he is very good at explaining proper use of the new digital modes like FT8 and using that mode with a 'clean' signal, something that is not well adhered to on the bands these days. If you are in to the digital modes, you will learn something from Nigel and get to listen to a British accent too.

Speaking of digital modes, I also found a recent video by Joe Taylor K1JT that I think is the best talk I've heard him do and I learned more about the new modes. It is from the 2018 MicroHams conference in the Pacific NW. Here is the link to all the videos and slides: www.microhams.com/mhdc/microhams-digital-conference-2018 The other presentations are interesting too, especially the one on 'DireWolf' software which is a software TNC solution.

Along those same lines, I recently received a presentation by NT0Z, a QST author and ham radio writer, that he had given at a club meeting. The presentation is titled 'Did Joe Taylor destroy Amateur Radio?' It is somewhat 'tongue-in-cheek' but he does make some very good points about the large number of hams jumping on the 'digital band wagon'. He may be a visionary. Only time will tell. I've sent it to Randy to be posted on the web page. I think you'll enjoy reading it.

As long as we are playing on the internet, I also recently listened to one of the ARRL 'The Doctor is in' bi-monthly podcasts on Filters (March 29th). I didn't think I'd like just listening vs having a video but they are very well done and informative. I learned some stuff about filters that I didn't know. Link below, on the ARRL web page and each week in the ARRL weekly newsletter that is available free for members, either by subscribing or reading on the web page. www.blubrry.com/arrl_the_doctor_is_in Just click on one of the topics and listen in.

Some more internet fun: Search on YouTube for 'Mr. Rags Macro Keyer'. These are very well done videos by Budd Churchward who also did the very nice videos for the MicroHam Digital conference mentioned above. For those of you who did the soldering class, I wish I had had this video then to show first. It is much like your experience soldering the amplifier kit. Also a hoot to watch the 'high speed build' video where he sped the whole thing up. I wish I could do videos of that quality. Also if you want to build a keyer kit, this is one with good info available too!