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Larrivee LS09 vintage 1975 Indian rosewood guitar

A 1975 vintage Larrivee, about the same dimensions as an LS body. A 12 fret neck, standard scale. Custom made for Bruce Cockburn per the seller, and bought used in a Canadian music store in 1975.

A relatively unique instrument and a part of Larrivee history. I've only seen one other Larrivee of this vintage of this type.

My asking price for the Ls-09 1975, 12fret guitar is $2600.

The fretboard has just a very slight radius to it. Its almost flat.

Condition of the fretboard and frets is very good.

There are several small dings on the guitar. there are two pinhead sized dings that have almost broken the finsh on the top side of the upper bout and a 1/2 inch hit on the top binding in the same area. Two similar dings on the face just below/behind the bridge and another near the bottom face. there are several light picks scrapes or scratches in the top. There is a slight crack in the finish below the bridge where the halves of the top is joined, but I wouldn't qualify this as a split. The bridge appears to have a very slight lean forward and the saddle is low. I don't think the guitar is a candidate to have the saddle replaced, but its getting close.

If I sight down the neck I see the middle of the bridge.

String height at the 12th fret is .22inch for low E and .15inch for high e strings. For the playable portion of the neck, string height is what I call medium height. Strings at the end of the neck (18th fret) are a tad high, but since one would never play there on this guitar, not bothersome.

I've has light gauge strings on it for the several years I've had the guitar, and the bridge situation hasn't worsened.

So, its a used guitar, but in good condition, with the very slight bridge lean (or slight bellying) being the major defect. and numerous small dings or scratches, but none major.

The guitar plays easily, and has a warm full balanced tone. As you know, a 12 fret Ls-09 from the vintage is quite unusual to find.

Heresay: the person I bought it from, bought it used in Canada in the 1970's and the shop she bought it from said it had belonged to Bruce Cockburn. There is no serial number on the guitar.

11-1/4 inch upper bout
9-5/8 inch waist
14-3/4 inch lower bout
4 inches deep at end block