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Larrivee C19 koa guitar

History of this guitar.

The owner of Guitar Gallerie in 1989 was a musician by the name of J.W.Everitt, . He says that Guitar Gallerie was the largest stocking Larrivee dealer at that time, and Larrivee was commisioned to build several guitar models from unusual woods with unique inlay patterns for their exclusive sale. There were 14 cutaways of this pattern done in koa, and 6 done in green Brazilian rosewood. (he says that green Brazilian is a rare kind of Brazilian). The koa I have was ordered new by a Dr. xxx who claims that it was a custom done for him, and he had to wait almost a year to get it. The serial number of the koa is considerably lower that the serial number of the Brazilian which indicates that it may infact have been the origonal guitar of this style, which then led to the series being created. (my guess). The paperwork and serial number call this an -09 series. But the style of work would have been called a -19 series for a period of time.