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Larrivee C19 Zebrawood guitar

Larrivee has made 5 each OM-03Z and L-03Z in 2009. Prior to 2009, this C-19 confirmed to be the only zebrawood Larrivee ever sold. Apparently there are two others of that vintage that were not sold and are in the private collection of a company employee. Made as a custom order in about 1991 for a Sausalito, CA player/collector. Collection was sold in an estate sale in 1997 by Eric Schoenberg of om28 fame and purchased by Divine Appointment Guitars from whom I obtained it.

From a luthier web site: Zebrawood (Microberlina brazzavillensis or Microberlina bisulcatia) having common names of Zebrano, Zingana, Allen Ele, and Amouk. Zebrawood is grown in the equitorial region of Africa, Gabon and Cameroon, and is a heavy hard wood with medium coarse texture and close grain. The distinctive brown and black lines alternating with a tan background are what gives zebrawood it's name. The background will darken into a more golden brown with age. In order to bring out the exciting stripped figuration zebrawood is always quartersawn. The workability and resonance of zebrawood are similiar to Indian rosewood and it has good gluing, finishing and polishing properties.

From another luthier wood supplier: Zebrawood is a rosewood that grows in western and central Africa along riverbanks. It is very straight-grained and has dramatic grain contrast with dark, chocolate-brown stripes on tan wood with open pores. Zebrawood is dense and heavy, it tends to shrink, and it can be difficult to carve. However, it is worth the difficulty because of its beautiful appearance for electric guitar and bass faces and acoustic guitar backs and sides. Zebrawood is considered a threatened species, and its numbers are dwindling due to poaching and deforestation. Replanting efforts are beginning to bring back its numbers, but it will take a lot of effort to keep this species from becoming endangered.

Guitarbench article on zebrawood

Larrivee has made a few more guitars with Zebrawood since I purchased this guitar and wrote the above web page decription. A wise decision I believe.