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Larrivee RS2 Ventura Electric

Larrivee made several strat-type models and a tele-type model as well as a few other body styles in the 1980's. Most had the Jackson style pointy headstock, but some had other style headstocks. There were a variety of pickups used and some hand made by Jean Larrivee who wound his own coils. Likewise there was a big variety of tailpieces and bridges used.

Larrivee made guitars under contract for Jackson.

Larrivee made about 500 electric guitars that carry the Neal Schon label 1987-1991. These are identifiable as having 22 fret necks and black plastic covers on the PU and no EQ (or 3 pos switch for eq)

see: http://www.nsblues.com/gear/ns_gearns.htm