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Larrivee L09 JCL logo vintage 1982 EI rosewood guitar

JCL and his staff in 1982.

A 1982 vintage Larrivee with JCL logo (Jean Claude Larrivee) purchased from the 12th Fret in Toronto.

Condition of this guitar is super. Has a semi-V profile to the neck which is unusual for a Larrivee. Also no backstrip which earlier guitars usually had.

I received an email from the previous owner who states: Just a little history: According to a conversation I had with Larrivee the day I bought this guitar, it was started into production sometime in 81 and probably finished sometime in 83. They had to go into the old books to trace the serial #.

The original owner purchased this guitar sometime in 1986 from Jett Landry Music in Sudbury Ontario.

I purchased it from him in Nov. of 2000. and the rest is history.