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Larrivee LS03 2009 Forum III guitar #15

Mahogany with Italian spruce top

Well, here it is 2016, and this has been my go-to guitar for regular monthly jams with friends for the last 5 years. Randy

Number 15 of 78 2009 Larrivee Forum III special order guitars signed by Jean Larrivee.

From the specifications posted on the Larrivee Forum in December 2008.

The Forum Guitar III is your opportunity to own an out-of-production Larrivee guitar.


       Larrivee Forum III Guitar

In keeping with our economic situation, Forumites desire a reasonably priced
 low-bling guitar that offers Larrivee sound and quality suitable for the
 fingerstylist, moderate strummer or the player desiring a comfortable guitar
 that is both a looker and a player.

1) LS body style steel string 
 Lower bout 15"
 Waist 9 3/4"
 Upper bout 11"
 Depth 4"
 Overall Length 40
 Scale Length 25.5 (standard scale)
 Nut width 1-3/4
 Standard bridge

2) neck 12 frets to the body  

3) Herringbone sound hole rosette

4) 12th fret inlay three micro dots, no other fretboard markers, with dots on
 neck edge binding.

5) Label will say:
                Forum Guitar III 
                No 1 of ___
                Each label signed by JCL 

6) Three wood combinations are available:

South American Mahogany with Italian Spruce top  
South American Mahogany with MT top  
Indian Rosewood with Italian Spruce top  

7) Maple binding

8) Standard 03 level tuners (actually mini-Pings were used)

9) OHSCase

10) DETACHED tortoise pickguard (Jim will install only IF requested)

11) Custom bone saddle made by Jim Holler

12) Personalized set up by Jim Holler

13) Special gift from Jim, A Trinity logo ball cap with Larrivee logo and
 Forum III on the back. Will be sent to Canadian drop-ship customers.

14) End Pin from factory standard.  Jim IF requested will install front strap
 button (on the under side of the heel of the neck) for an additional $5.

The Forum III guitar group purchase was done thru Trinity Guitars luthier Jim Holler. http://www.trinityguitars.com/